ESLAV-ECLAM 2023 Shipping Contractor

Punane 42 13619 Tallinn Estonia
Phone: +372 5119947
Fax: +372 6112861

General Information
UPEX LS OÜ has been appointed as the sole official freight forwarder by the organiser and is therefore responsible for moving all cargo at the fairground, as well as for taking care of all customs procedures.

It is essential that you inform us or our agents long before shipping your goods. Consignments, which arrive at their destination without previous warning will certainly be subject to delays or may even lead to additional costs.

Under no circumstances can UPEX LS OÜ be made accountable or held responsible for non-delivery of goods, delay in delivery or extra costs due to consignments arriving without previous notice.

When all necessary documents have been completed, please send your prenotification, along with your handling instructions immediately to:
UPEX LS OÜ Phone: +372 6112860, +372 5119947 Telefax: +372 6112861 E-mail:,

Cargo Dead-lines
Latest arrival to Tallinn by truck, airfright or courier – 5 days before the event
Latest arrival to Tallinn by seafright – 7 days before the event